Functional Wellness Collective

The Collective provides a series of online, self-paced, guided memberships & programs that use my proprietary process, The Wellness Model™ to address illness & support optimal health using whole food & supplementation—not an illness model founded by quick fix pharmaceuticals.

Founder & CEO Jamie Bennett; FNTP, DSS, CCE, AIPCC, & Restart Certified

Functional Nutrition & Supplement Specialist

  • the power of food
  • the body and its profound capacity to heal
  • treating the root cause of disease with a holistic approach
  • the art of living well with Lyme & autoimmune disease
  • being your own health advocate. Only YOU can advocate for your body!
  • the Wellness Model™ and it’s power to bring healing

Nutrition & Digestive Health

Hormones & Metabolism

Lifestyle & Functional Movement

Mindset & Mental Wellness

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